The Professional & Reliable Trade of Crude Oil

A financial technology company located in Dubai,
the center of global crude oil trading.

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Who we are

A financial technology company located in Dubai, the center of global crude oil trading. For crude oil futures trading, we have established an automated trading system powered by data-driven quantitative analysis to achieve stable and sustainable investment returns.

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We are committed to capturing market opportunities in major exchanges around the world. Our trading team is constantly conducting research and analysis to enhance our strategy and develop new ideas.


Keeping ourselves at the forefront of trading technology is the key to our success. Therefore, our technical team has the resources and freedom needed to unleash creativity and develop innovative solutions.

Development History

From 2016 to 2019, the total scale of private equity funds managed by the team exceeded US$4 billion, with an average annual return rate of 80%.

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Global talent development strategy

The team has top trading talents in the Arab region and technical and trading strategy experts in Hong Kong, New York, Canberra and other places.

Uses the industry leading MT5 trading system

Data is transparent and hundreds of millions of transaction orders can be processed simultaneously.

Diversified cryptocurrencies

The PrimeTech fund will provide investors with a variety of investment methods including Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).

Robust trading strategy

Traditional markets and the cryptocurrency market are perfectly integrated to hedge the risks of two-way market fluctuations.


Dubai office address

#2703 Boulevard Plaza Tower 2, Boulevard Plaza by Emaar - Downtown Dubai Email: Email: Email: