Who we are

Prime Tech is a crude oil funds trading firm that is established in Dubai, UAE back in 2020. We build automated trading systems fueled by data-driven quantitative analysis to achieve stable and sustainable investment returns. Our engineering teams do what humans do best – create algorithmic decision processes in order to achieve what no human trader ever could in today’s fast-changing, unbelievably complex financial world.

What we do

Our trading technologies seamlessly connect broker-dealers to our liquidity ecosystem. These systems in turn are continuously upgraded through sophisticated research and rapid development with the goal of setting the industry standard for fast, reliable execution in most market conditions. To maximize trading opportunities for clients, our automated trading platform sources liquidity from the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplaces, which includes NYMEX, DME, ICE, and SGX.

CEO - David Russell Schroeter

Mr. David was born in Australia and graduated from the King Saud University in the Arab region with a double degree in international finance and economics. His expertise includes capital management and derivatives trading. The performance of his financial professional team in the field of crude oil futures trading has been outstanding among cities in the Arab region. After more than ten years of crude oil trading, he was recognized as the Financial Pioneer of crude oil. Trusted by many members of the royal family and other elites in the Arab region, his accumulated wealth under management exceeds billions of dollars. In addition to his experience in the field of crude oil trading, David is also one of the earliest cryptocurrency evangelist. He strongly advocates the value of digital assets. The BTC fund he manages has also obtained extremely high returns and good market reputation for many years. In 2021, David expects to lead the PTG team to achieve excellent results in the pace of global expansion.